Delivery and shipping policy

Registered member who have subscribed to product/service by making payment will not share or forward or do mass mailing of our products/services to no registered members or to Members who have not paid. Any such observation/evidence found will lead to cancellation of the subscription without any refund. Floating of our product and service on internet through various groups and social networking sites is not permitted. Registered and Paid Members doing so can lead to deactivation of service without any notice without any refund.

Delivery of SMS :

Only to Non-DND members and those members who seek to receive SMS need to provide Non-DND numbers or deactivate DND status. Those who wish to received sms on DND numbers have accepted to receive the message from us once subscriber wish to take trial or subscribe to the product.

All product are not under sms delivery therefore subscriber need to confirm by calling  on 919820219664 before subscribing.

SMD delivery policies will change subjectively depending on the government rules.

The Commercials are subject to change/modification from time to time depending on the change in regulatory conditions or change in commercials offered by Network Operator(s). Delivery of SMS cannot be guaranteed as it depends on Network Operator(s).

Files download: Can get affected due to server condition where website is hosted.

Access of sites can get affected due server condition where website is hosted therefore in such condition subscribers can email the request to email their respective products to

Service can get affected due to unforeseen circumstance beyond our control.

We are not responsible for any damage our files can cause in case if they are infected. We have anti-virus software on our computer and assume then they are virus free at the time of uploading.

Files loaded are PDF format files and subscribers need to make necessary software in their respective own computers to open the files.
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